Nickel City

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1.    Entry fee is $100 per boat plus $20 big fish. Must be 2 anglers per boat, one must be 18 years of age or older.
2.    Membership fee is 80$ for an adult membership and $100 for a family membership (kids under 16 are included in family membership and                        spouse/husband)
3.    You may compete in the clubs tournaments without a membership, however, you must pay a $10 fee for each individual without a membership for            each event.
4.    Classic entry fee is $220 per team plus $20 big fish each day, BF money will be split between the two days for a BF winner each day. To qualify for          the Classic you must be a member prior to the 2nd event and must have fished min. of 3 events. You may only fish alone in an odd number of                  registered anglers for the Classic in which may be drawn.
5.    Tournament hours are from 7am-3pm.  Departure in the morning is a Blast Off.  with the exception of the Classic, Classic hours are from 8am-4pm
6.    Teams must be fully paid and boat check complete by 6:30am for summer events and 7:30am for the Classic.
7.    Payback is 80% to anglers payouts and 20% towards the Classic ($80 to anglers payouts and $20 to the Classic).
8.    In the event there is a tie for Big Fish, the prize money will be split. 
9.    Artificial lures only, no live or dead bait allowed.
10.    You must notify the tournament director prior to the event to say that you will be fishing
11.    You pick your own partner (draws or pairing for partners are no longer available through the club)
12.   Payback for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place are based on how many boats at the event
13.   Point system will be based on the total weight of the day. (ex. 20 lbs.=20 points)
14.   Five fish limit
15.    All fish must be kept alive, you must have an aerated livewell
16.    Only smallmouth and largemouth can be kept in the livewell and weighed in
17.    All MNR, Provincial and Federal Rules/Laws must be followed
18.    Life jackets must be worn when travelling faster then trolling speed
19.    No alcohol or drugs
20.    Anglers must stay 50 feet away from each other and must respect other anglers.
21.    Pre-Fishing will be allowed up to the night (4pm) before each event on tournament waters, with the exception of the Classic, where pre-fishing will            be allowed until the Sunday prior to the Classic date, no pre-fishing allowed from the Monday on before the classic date.
22.    Tournament Directors/Officials may disqualify team(s) for rule infractions with no refund.
23.    No weighing in your fish early.
24.    Dead fish will result in a 1/2 pound deduction per dead fish.
25.    Late weigh-ins will cost the team 1/2lbs per min, more then 10 minutes late, you will loose your total weight.
26.    SPORTSMANSHIP. All anglers are asked to conduct themselves in the highest standard of sportsmanship possible, in conservation, and actions,            that will be a credit to them, Nickel City Bass, and the sport of fishing.
27.    New***Ties for paid positions will be decided by the team with the biggest fish getting the bigger prize money. If still a tie, money will be split.
·    Must be a member
·    Must fish the classic
·    Your points only start counting after you purchase your membership (no exceptions). You must be a paid member prior to the second event to qualify       for AOY.
·    AOTY is determined by total weight out of your 5 best tournaments. (We add best five tournament weights together and the angler with the highest           weight/points wins the title)
·    AOTY wins free entries to all tournaments for the next season.  AOTY still has to purchase his membership and must pay into the big fish if they              wish.